Wednesday, March 31, 2010


With 2010 being my "year of change", I find myself reflecting on things I need to work on about myself that I am unhappy with.

I have quit two habits that were not healthy. I am spending a little more time on me and not as much on everything and everyone else. I laugh alot. One thing I am concentrating on, however, is to stop worrying what others say or think about me.

I find myself getting upset by comments made by people that I have no control over. I am working on realizing that what they say is not who I am. People say things out of anger but it is not a reflection of who I have worked so hard to become.

I have also found that by incorporating "gratitude" into my everyday living, the blessings continue to flow. I have been blessed by two wonderful daughters and two wonderful grandchildren. It is a privilege to be in their lives and write on the slate of who they are and who they are becoming. I am so very grateful!

I am grateful for waking up each morning knowing that the day will be filled with blessings -- some small and perhaps some major. Today I am grateful for the sun and the nicer weather.

I have been blessed with the love of animals (my 4-legged friends). I have learned so much from these creatures that have given me so much joy.

I am a work-in-progress but I am grateful that I am given a chance to be that work-in-progress.

The Power of Gratitude is with me as I greet each and every new day and the blessings are flowing.


  1. Keep going your doing great...I love to read your sites and how honest you are. I am proud that you can do this and I think you are doing a great job.

  2. Helen, I love your blog as well.

    Your kind comments are always appreciated. I am grateful for them. :D